Eugenides Foundation is an independent, private, non-profit foundation with a mission to enhance the scientific, technological and technical education of the Greek youth and to promote science and technology to the general public.

New Digital Planetarium

The New Digital Planetarium of Eugenides Foundation is one of the largest and best equipped planetariums in the world, with a capacity of 278 seats. The Planetarium visitors  enjoy a breathtaking experience, a magical journey to knowledge under its giant dome. A variety of 8 to 10 digital shows and dome films are available throughout the week.

Eugenides Foundation Library

The Library has been operating since 1966 as an open-access and lending library, specializing in the areas of technology and science. The Library’s collection of printed material comprises approximately 50,000 books and 300 titles of current periodicals. Collections of digital material, is gradually being developed.

New Digital Planetarium: Show your ISIC at the Planetarium and get the student ticket.

Library: Free entrance

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