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Here you can find various ways to cooperate with ISIC targeting the student group. You can offer a student discount for your business, you can get your own co-brand card with ISIC or you can become one of the ISIC Issuing Offices.

Become a benefit provider

Do you want hundreds of thousands students all over the world to get to know and choose your products and services? Then you can be a member of the ISIC network by offering special discounts and benefits. Connect with over 45.000 businesses in more than 133 countries.

Online & offline benefits
  • local discounts that can be redeemed upon presentation of ISIC card at a retailer
  • benefits & discounts that can be redeemed online
  • card verification page can be set up for distribution of URL or promo code
Promoting the offer
  • Presence on and and app
  • Promotion on social media channels
Why become a benefit provider?
  • Increase sales
  • No financial investment is required.

The technology supporting ISIC ensures that only the entitled students enjoy the privileges the providers offer. Each ISIC identity has a unique serial number stored in the central database, which means that the ISIC Association can provide collaborators direct confirmation of the ISIC’s validity.

    Partnership Type *
    Co-brandingISIC benefit provider

    Agreement of Joint Promotion

    The partners, businesses and organisations that provide benefits to ISIC have the opportunity to increase the visibility and improve the promotion of the company and their products / services through various platforms.

    Online – Global

    The partners of ISIC are displayed for free on the ISIC platforms through the app and the ISIC global website In this way, they are in constant communication with each holder of the ISIC card worldwide.

    Online - Locally

    In addition to global visibility, we offer partners – providers of ISIC privileges, the opportunity to strengthen their local visibility and thereby increase foot traffic and selling through their visibility in the local website Similarly, the partners display in their websites their cooperation with ISIC, proving their focus on the student audience and their interest in its evolution.


    Do as over 800 universities, academic institutions and student organizations around the world have done and co-brand your local student card with ISIC (The International Student Identity Card), offering your members both a local and global network of attractive benefits and discounts. Create your own ISIC, combine with your existing card or use it additionally. Keep the existing infrastructure and your production flow and simply adopt the ISIC design template. Alternatively, the ISIC can provide integrated outsourcing solution, meaning that it will undertake the production of co-branded cards.

    • Combine your card ISIC and create a unique card / all in one offering your students a globally accepted card while encouraging them to increase their international mobility.
    • Your members gain access to attractive exclusive privileges card both locally and around the world.

      Partnership Type *
      Co-brandingISIC benefit provider