In the popular everyday coffee restaurants Palmie bistro, the Greek catering industry can find all these elements which represent the affordability, the quality in taste, the perfect aesthetic environment and above all the satisfactory service for each customer. Located in the most neuralgic, accommodating and crowded spots of each town, and open daily from 08:00 until 01:00 after midnight, Palmie bistro shops invite us to enjoy our coffee, drink or dessert, as well as full meal any time of the day, always impressing with their functional spaces, their high aesthetics, their attentive service, the wide variety of flavours in their menu and of course their realistic prices. Palmie is also available for social events (baptisms), business meals and children’s parties.

The turning of Palmie bistro Group over the past few years into the traditional Greek cuisine, combining the classical recipes of our country with European flavours in the most enjoyable way, has made Palmie bistro even more popular among both Greeks and tourists who visit our country and want to taste quality Greek cuisine!

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