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Through, 130.000 patients each month find and make appointments with more than 5,000 doctors and 80 medical centers throughout Greece, within seconds and completely free. You can find the most suitable doctor for you, find out about his specialization and experience, read reviews and ratings from previous patients and learn the cost of each service offered. Then with a few clicks, you can book your appointment online.

Only for ISIC holders, provides services for just 20€, for service costs ranging from 30-45€.
See in detail the specialties and services offered by doctors of doctoranytime at the price of 20€:

Clinical examination and prescription to: Vascular surgeon, sports doctor, hematologist, allergist, anesthesiologist, gastroenterologist, general practitioner, general surgeon, dermatologist, diabetologist, endocrinologist, hepatologist, mammologist, neurologist, neurologist, neurologist, neurologist, neurologist Pediatric gastroenterologist, pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric rheumatologist, child psychiatrist, plastic surgeon, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, physiatrist, endocrine surgeon, psychiatrist, otolaryngologist (ENT).
Clinical examination, cardiogram and prescription to: Cardiologist, cardiac surgeon.
Cleaning in: Dentist, pediatric dentist, pediatric cardiologist.
Refractive examination and prescription to: Ophthalmologist, gynecologist.
Session in: Special pedagogue, occupational therapist, social worker, logotherapist, neuropsychologist, child psychologist, physiotherapist, psychologist-psychotherapist.
Visit to: Acupuncturist, orthodontist, dietitian, endodontist, fertility center, hair transplant clinic, homeopath, homeopath, orthodontist, periodontist, podiatrist, prosthetist, stomatologist,for hyperbaric diving medicine, oral surgeon.

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