Athens Happy Train-20%

If you want to enjoy an exciting sightseeing tour to the historical center of Athens and see the unique monuments and archaeological sites of the city, hop on the Athens Happy Train! Athens Happy Train, member of the Vardakis Group of Companies, looks like a toy train. It starts its journey from Syntagma Square and follows a beautiful route through the historical center of Athens, the old neighborhoods of the city, the archaeological sites, up until the hill of the Acropolis. The duration of the journey is 40 minutes while Athens Happy Train, passes through the most famous sights and monuments of Athens. Enjoy the fantastic view from the open-style wagons, get on board or disembark in any station of Athens Happy Train and explore Athens at your own pace. The trains stop in each site for about 10 minutes. If you want to spend more time at a specific site – historic point, you can use the same ticket to hop on in one of the next Athens Happy Trains that will pass through the sites within the next 10 hours.

Athens Happy Train tour trips are organized throughout the year, all days of the week.

Show your ISIC and get 20% discount on each booking.
*Demonstration of ISIC card must be done prior to booking.

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