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Athens Clue is the Greek company that changed entertainment in Athens by bringing escape rooms for the first time in Greece in 2013. Our 2 Greek designing teams have created different escape rooms -a challenge for every player. Shortly afterwards, in 2014, with the establishment of Citiclue (, it became the first Greek company that expanded abroad, bringing this unique experience to other countries.

Let yourself get carried away in an interactive mystery world full of adventure, puzzles and small or big surprises. Unlock all the secrets in a game where your only enemy is time and find your place amongst the best of the kind.

Test your skills and discover roles and scenarios where adrenaline and excitement are integral pieces. Dive into the labyrinths of adventure by joining the pieces of each story and collide with time and yourself, even when escape seems difficult or sometimes impossible.

It’s about time you try something beyond the ordinary and let the experience of Athens Clue fascinate you!

Show your ISIC and get the special price of 9€/PLAYER/game for teams of 3-6 players

Offer is valid only on Wednesday-Friday excluding Bank holidays


  1. Marousi – 125th, Kifissias Ave., tel +30 2106141050
  2. Glyfada – Xanthou 3, tel +30 21101375000

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