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Data is the language of the future, and Alteryx’s SparkED program is your passport to fluency.

SparkED is a groundbreaking data analytics initiative that offers students like you free access to cutting-edge software, educational resources, and a clear path to certification.

In a world driven by data, your ability to analyze, interpret, and harness information is your superpower. With SparkED, you’ll develop the skills needed to not only understand the data but also to shape the world with it. Whether you’re in business, science, or any field, SparkED equips you to excel.

Unleash your potential and embark on a journey to question, comprehend, and conquer with data. The future is yours to shape, starting with SparkED by Alteryx.

What’s in it for you? Now that modern data analytics is ‘no-code’ and ‘code-friendly’, everyone can gather insights from data to make better decisions. We call this “Analytics for All.” No matter what you are teaching or learning, data analytics skills empower every future knowledge worker.

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