3Guys is a youth freestyle company who likes combining the leisurewear with the urban look. A group of young people who want to feel comfortable in their clothes and seize every day looking for the best but not necessarily the most expensive. A group of young people who are different as they do not follow the fashion but make their own unique fashion trends. The company was founded in 1983 whereas the brand 3GUYS was first launched in 1987 impressing with its subversive style and its advertising campaigns.

It was based on and developed the urban culture, focusing on upper clothing with impressive visuals, mottos and colour contrasts as its main features. Gradually, the brand 3GUYS has become well known as a 100% leisurewear brand. It embraces the young boys and girls with total look collections focusing on the collection of worn out denim being processed with different methods, washings, cloths and patterns.

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