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TERKENLIS is based in Thessaloniki, where their chain’s oldest shop is located at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous street from 1948 until today, which is considered a point of reference in town. Every day, Terkenlis patisserie stores offer handmade confectionery and bakery products, while the tsoureki Terkenlis with chestnut and chocolate filling is the ultimate souvenir of the city.

The pastry shops TERKENLIS and KLEA FINE BAKERY have created the New Terkenlis Loyalty Card, a privileges card in electronic form exclusively for the holders of the International Student Identity Card ISIC.

The card allows you to buy your favorite products at preferential prices all year round. Specifically:
25% discount on drinks (coffees, fresh juices, etc.)
10% discount on all TERKENLIS products (tsourekia, sweets, pies, snacks, catering items, etc.)
5% discount on packaged products sold by TERKENLIS (dairy, soft drinks, water, drinks, seasonal products, etc.)

In addition, every 1€ is 1 point. Once you collect 100 points, you are entitled to a 5€ discount on your next purchase.
To obtain the New Terkenlis Loyalty Card, fill out the form at the link: https://terkenlis.gr/loyalty-card/0609loyaltycardformlcisca0015/

Show your ISIC card at the following physical stores you can take advantage of the discounts.

Tsimiski 30 & Aristotelous 4, 54636, Thessaloniki
Tsimiski 30B, 54636, Thessaloniki
Sofias St. 33  & Ermou, 54623, Thessaloniki
Mitropoleos 67 & Ag. Sofias, 54622, Thessaloniki
“MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS” Shopping Center, 11th km. Thessaloniki – Moudanion, Pylaia, 55535
VI.PA Nea Raidestou, 17th km. Ethn. Odou Thes/nikis – Polygyrou, Nea Raidestos, 57001
Vas. Olgas 235 & Delfon, 54655, Thessaloniki

Papanikoli 100-102, Chalandri, 15232 Athens

Analifeos 1, Panorama 55236
Georgiou Papandreou 48 & Sofouli 13, Thessaloniki 54655

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