Experience the major sights, cities and sunny beaches of Europe using just 1 train pass. Rub shoulders with other Europeans while discovering new cultures, food and landscapes. Travelling by Interrail gives you the freedom to create your own story, station by station, stop by stop. It’s the convenient option for independent travellers with a thirst for adventure!!

Choose now which Train Pass will travel you to the dream!!

  • The Interrail Global Pass is your ticket to explore Europe by train. Enjoy unlimited travel in 30 countries for up to one whole month. Whether you just want to make a quick trip to the Mediterranean, travel to Scandinavia beyond the Arctic Circle or make a grand tour of Europe, you will certainly find the Interrail pass suiting your needs. Interrail is only available for persons with residency in Europe.
  • The Interrail One Country Pass is your ticket to explore single European countries by train. Flexible travel on 3, 4, 6 or 8 travel days within one month. Ideal if you want to visit only one country. Of course you can also combine One Country Passes for several countries but in that case we recommend to also check the range of Interrail Global Passes as these can be better value for such trips.


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